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Iona Presentation College, Mosman Park

Mosman Iona College

Name of institution Iona Presentation College
Type of institution School
Street Address 33 Palmerston Street
City Mosman Park
State Western Australia
Postcode 6012
Country Australia
Name of building Parish Church
Name of room
Dates of the building
Architect’s and builder’s names
Special architectural features
Special fittings
Other location information The College is named after the Scottish Isle of Iona, on which the Irish Saint Columba (or Columcille) founded a community in 563AD. Iona became a centre of learning from which Saint Columba and his monks set forth to spread the Gospel into Scotland and the north of England.

The Presentation Sisters who came to Mosman Park had originally come from Kildare in Ireland to Hay in New South Wales. In 1900, five Sisters volunteered to answer a call to come to Western Australia. They arrived in Southern Cross in 1900, Collie in 1902, Cottesloe in 1902 and Mosman Park in 1907.

Bishop Gibney, who was the Bishop of Perth, remarked that the site in Mosman Park, situated on a rise, with the Swan River on one side and the ocean on the other, reminded him of the Isle of Iona off Scotland. He said he hoped that this too would become a centre of learning and a centre from which the Gospel would be spread.

Furthermore, one of the four founding sisters was Sister Columba and so it was decided that an appropriate name for the College would be 'Iona'. It was founded on 11 September, 1907.
Name of contact
Mailing Address
Telephone (08) 9384-0066
Other contact information
Previous organ(s)
Date of previous organ None
Detail of previous organ
Dates when key work has been undertaken
Dates of any moves that have taken place
Variations from original design of organ
Information on previous organ
Information about comparable instruments to previous organ
Present organ
Type of installation
Case description
Placement in room
Builder's name Paul F. Hufner
Opus number
Date of completion/installation 1964
Construction materials
Number of manuals One (1)
Key compasses
Number of keys
Key material
Pedal compass
Number of pedals
Pedalboard type
Pedalboard material
Type of chests
Type of key action Electro-magnetic
Type of stop action Electro-magnetic
Console type
Stop label material
General design
Playing aids
Divisions    Great
Wind pressures
Stop list

Total number of stops
Total number of ranks Two ranks extended
Total number of pipes
Dates when key work has been undertaken on current organ Additions to the organ were prepared for at the time of building
Dates of any moves that have taken place to current organ Removed in 1966 when the Chapel had to be demolished due to structural failure.
Gifted to Notre Dame University for future installation in the Holy Spirit Chapel.  This never came to pass so the organ was obtained by Corpus Christi Church (which is right next door to Iona Convent!) and installed in 1998 by Pipe Organ Builders and Services.
Information on current organ
Comparable instruments to current organ
Current status
Assessment of organ
Other organs by this builder
Photographs Aerial photograph of college from Iona College web site.
Technical documents 
General documents Information about the college from Iona College web site.
Supporting information
Document control Original entries J R Elms, OAM, Gazetteer of Western Australian Pipe Organs, 1971, 1999,2003 and 2004.
This entry D B Duncan 24 January 2009.
Additional information about relocation of the organ from Patrick Elms.