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David Law-Davies Assembly Hall
Guildford Grammar School, Guildford

Guildford Grammar
Original cases designed by Sir Walter Tapper, Architect of Guildford Grammar School,
containing the Norman & Beard organ of 1913 in the Saints Mary and George Chapel

Name of institution Guildford Grammar School
Type of institution School
Street Address Corner Great Eastern Highway and Terrace Road
City Guildford
State Western Australia
Country Australia
Name of building David Law-Davies Assembly Hall
Name of room David Law-Davies Assembly Hall
Dates of the building
Architect's and builder's names
Special architectural features
Special fittings
Other location information
Name of contact
Mailing Address
Other contact information
Previous organ(s)
Date of previous organ None
Detail of previous organ
Dates when key work has been undertaken
Dates of any moves that have taken place
Variations from original design of organ
Information on previous organ
Information about comparable instruments to previous organ
Present organ
Type of installation
Case description
Placement in room
Builder's name Norman and Beard, London and Norwich
Opus number
Date of completion/installation 1913
Construction materials
Number of manuals Two (2)
Key compasses
Number of keys 61
Key material
Pedal compass
Number of pedals 30
Pedalboard type
Pedalboard material
Type of chests
Type of key action Tubular-pneumatic
Type of stop action Tubular-pneumatic
Couplers Four (4)
Console type
Stop label material
General design
Playing aids
Divisions    Great, Swell, Pedal
Wind pressures
Stop list
Open Diapason 8'
Clarabel Flute 8'
Saube Flute 4'
Viola d'Gamba 8'
Rohr Flute 8'
Gemshorn 4'


Total number of stops


Total number of ranks 7
Total number of pipes 426
Dates when key work has been undertaken on current organ Restored in 2008 for installation in the Church of our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Willagee, in 2009. There are no changes to the stop list but the installation will include new cases in the original spirit of design and new actions. These were unfortunately destroyed many years ago. The original divided cases were designed by Sir Walter Tapper.
Dates of any moves that have taken place to current organ Installed at Guildford Grammar School Chapel 1913.
Overhauled and releathered 1950's by Paul F Hufner.
Installed in the David Law-Davies Assembly Hall in 1978 by students and teachers of the College.  Direct electric pull-downs for the chest were fitted at this stage.  The cases and pneumatic actions were place into storage, but unfortunatedly dissapeared soon after.
Dismantled in 1996 and moved to the F.J. Larner organ factory at Bayswater for storage.
Later moved to the Larner residence at Yarloop.
Restored in 2008 for installation in the Church of our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Willagee, in 2009.
Information on current organ
Comparable instruments to current organ
Current status
Assessment of organ
Other organs by this builder Trinity Church, Perth
St. Patrick's, Mount Lawley
Photographs Historical photograph of Guildford Grammar chapel interior from the OHTA web site.
Technical documents  Information from F J Larner 01 December 2008.
General documents
Supporting information
Document control Original entries J R Elms, OAM, Gazetteer of Western Australian Pipe Organs, 1971, 1999,2003 and 2004.
Additional information from F J Larner 01 December 2008.
This entry D B Duncan 06 January 2009.
Stoplist provided by John Larner 23 January 2009
Additional information from John Larner 26 January 2009.
Correction of date of old organ installation in David  Lawe -Davies Centre by Andrew Gardner 09 February 2010.