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Wesley Methodist Church, Claremont

Claremont Methodist Church

The West Australian 23 December 1926

Photograph by C Rogers from the Bob Elms Collection

The Bishop and Sons organ in 1930
Photo sourced by Boyd Peters

The Bishop and Sons organ in 1952
Photo sourced by Boyd Peters

The Bishop and Sons organ in 1955
Photo sourced by Boyd Peters

Name of institution Wesley Methodist Church
Type of institution Church
Street Address 327 Stirling Highway
City Claremont
State Western Australia
Country Australia
Name of building Wesley Methodist Church
Name of room Sanctuary
Dates of the building 1923
Architect's and builder's names
Special architectural features
Special fittings
Other location information In 1896 the Methodist church built a weatherboard church on the Stirling Highway site. The paddock where Claremont Council kept their horses and carts was nearby.

The original church was moved back to make way for the new Claremont Methodist (Wesley) Church which opened in 1923. The weatherboard structure became the church hall until it was destroyed by fire in 1962.

With the amalgamation of the Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist churches into the Uniting church in 1980, the Claremont parish decided to sell the Church. In 1981 the former church was acquired by the Town of Claremont and converted into a Town Hall which was officially opened in 1983.

Claremont Growers Market was established nearby in the same year.
Name of contact
Mailing Address
Other contact information
Previous organ(s)
Date of previous organ None
Detail of previous organ
Dates when key work has been undertaken
Dates of any moves that have taken place
Variations from original design of organ
Information on previous organ
Information about comparable instruments to previous organ
Present organ
Type of installation
Case description
Placement in room
Builder's name Bishop & London and Ipswich,
Opus number
Date of completion/installation 1875, installed this church 1926
Construction materials
Number of manuals Two (2)
Key compasses
Number of keys
Key material
Pedal compass
Number of pedals
Pedalboard type
Pedalboard material
Type of chests
Type of key action Mechanical
Type of stop action Mechanical
Couplers Three (3)
Console type
Stop label material
General design
Playing aids
Wind pressures
Stop list
Open Diapason 8' 56 pipes
Dulciana TC 8' 44 pipes
Clarabella 8' 56 pipes
Stopp'd Diapason Bass 8' 56 pipes
Principal 4' 56 pipes
Twelfth 2 2/3' Labelled 3' 56 pipes
Fifteenth 2' 56 pipes
Se-quialtra III 168 pipes
Violin Diapason 8' 44 pipes
Leiblich Gedact Bass 8' 56 pipes
Leiblich Gedact Treble 8' 56 pipes
Geigen Principal 4' 56 pipes
Oboe TC 8' 44 pipes
Swell to Great
Bourdon 16' 29 pipes
Swell to Pedals
Great to Pedals
There were three combination pedals.

Total number of stops 15
Total number of ranks 17
Total number of pipes
Dates when key work has been undertaken on current organ
Dates of any moves that have taken place to current organ The organ was originally installed in 1875 at Wesley Church, Perth.
In 1908 the organ was moved next door to Queens Hall, William Street, Perth (later Metro Theatre), to make way for a new organ in Wesley Church Pert.

In 1926 the organ was relocated by W L Roberts Ltd, Adelaide, to Wesley Methodist Church, Claremont (job no 96).

Rebuilt in 1955 by J.E. Dodd & Sons Gunstar Organ Works, Adelaide. Electro-pneumatic action and new console installed; swell Cornopean and Dulciana extended to Ped. 16'.

In 1984 Hale School Assembly Hall, Hale Road, Wembley Downs, became the organ's next and current home.
Information on current organ The first pipe organ to be installed in Western Australia was this 1875 instrument for Wesley Church, Perth. This organ served Wesley Church for over 30 years in its original location.
Comparable instruments to current organ
Current status
Assessment of organ
Other organs by this builder
Technical documents
General documents Information about the church from Claremont Town Centre
Heritage Trail
Supporting information
Document control Original entries J R Elms, OAM, Gazetteer of Western Australian Pipe Organs, 1971, 1999,2003 and 2004.
This entry D B Duncan 07 January 2009.
Newspaper article sourced by Dr Andrew Gardner, 12 March 2016.
Photograph of the organ from the Bob Elms Collection 22 June 2019
Photograph of the organ in 1952 from Boyd Peters, 25 March 2021.
Photographs from 1930 and 1955 from Boyd Peters, 26 March 2021.