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Free Reformed Church, West Albany

Albany West Free Reformed Church
The organ originally in Mount Gambier Methodist Church

Albany West Free Reformed Church
The Taylor organ as installed in Luther College, North Adelaide.

Albany West Free Reformed Church
As installed in the rear gallery of Free Reformed Church, Albany West

Albany West Free Reformed Church

Name of institution Free Reformed Church
Type of institution Church
Street Address 291 Lancaster Road, McKail
City West Albany
State Western Australia
Postcode 6330
Country Australia
Name of building Free Reformed Church
Name of room Church sanctuary
Dates of the building
Architect’s and builder’s names
Special architectural features
Special fittings
Other location information
Name of contact
Mailing Address
Other contact information
Previous organ(s)
Date of previous organ None
Detail of previous organ
Dates when key work has been undertaken
Dates of any moves that have taken place
Variations from original design of organ
Information on previous organ
Information about comparable instruments to previous organ
Present organ
Type of installation Purpose built rear gallery
Case description Fine case displaying 29 flue pipes in classic array.
Placement in room A gallery was erected at the rear of the church for the organ.
Builder's name Frederick Taylor
Opus number
Date of completion/installation 1913
Construction materials
Number of manuals Two (2)
Key compasses
Number of keys
Key material
Pedal compass
Number of pedals 30
Pedalboard type Concave, radiating
Pedalboard material
Type of chests
Type of key action Electro-pneumatic
Type of stop action Electro-pneumatic
Swell sub octave Swell sub octave to Great
Swell unison off Swell octave to Great
Swell octave Great to Pedal
Swell to Great Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal Combinations Coupled
Swell to Pedal Combinations
Tremulants Swell
Console type Detached, free standing, located in a niche 20 metres from the organ gallery.
Stop label material
General design
Playing aids Balance Swell pedal
Divisions    Great, Swell, Pedal
Wind pressures
Stop list
Bourdon 16'
Open Diapason 8'
Claribel 8'
Dulciana 8'
Principal 4'
Twelfth 2-2/3'
Fifteenth 2'
Larigot 1-1/3'
Mixture 17 19 22 III
Trumpet 8'
Open Diapason 8'
Hohl Flute 8'
Salicional 8'
Voix Celeste 8' TC
Gemshorn 4'
Flute 4'
Doublette 2'
Mixture III
Oboe 8'
Open Diapason 16'
Bourdon 16' B
Principal 8'
Flute 8'
Super Octave 4'
Octave Flute 4'
Trombone 16' A
Trumpet 8' A
Total number of speaking stops 25
Total number of ranks 28
Total number of pipes
Dates when key work has been undertaken on current organ Built in 1913 by Fred Taylor for Methodist Church, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
Rebuilt 1966 Hill Norman & Beard (o/n S698). The organ was electrified and extended at that time. A mutation was added to the Great, and a 3-rank shrill Mixture to the Swell, and there was considerable borrowing to produce what looked like a comprehensive Pedal division.
Installed in private residence of Bruce Lindsay at Lenswood, Adelaide Hills, South Australia, in 1994.  Mr Lindsay acquired the organ from the Uniting Church in Mount Gambier when the combined congregations resolved to centre their activities on St Andrews Presbyterian Church, and to sell off the ex-Wesley Methodist Church where the organ resided.
Revoiced & enlarged in 1996 George Stephens.
After installing in Lenswood (a converted Anglican Church), George Stevens dismantled all the pipework and revoiced it as a whole. At the same time he remove the nicking from the 8' flute on the Great, which produced a truly lovely rank, to replace the Swell Mixture with something less shrill,  to install an entirely new 17 19 22 Mixture for the Great (built by Roger Jones), and to install a 16' Trombone, the bottom octave for which was made by APO in Melbourne. George used the existing wiring to borrow from the lovely 8' Great Trumpet to provide the upper octaves for what became the 16' Pedal Trombone.
A new Discus blower was later installed.
Installed Australian Luther Seminary, North Adelaide, South Australia, 1998, by Bruce Lindsay.
Removed by Jake Maring for relocation to West Albany Free Reformed Church August 2009.
Tuning and regulation by Pipe Organs WA Pty Ltd in June 2011.
Dates of any moves that have taken place to current organ 1994 to residence Bruce Lindsay, Lenswood..
1998 to Australian Luther Seminary, North Adelaide.
2009 to Albany West Free Reformed Church, Albany.
Information on current organ The organ utilises high quality Palmer (England) pipework throughout.
Comparable instruments to current organ
Current status The instrument has an excellent sound and is in very good working condition.
Assessment of organ
Other organs by this builder
Photographs Photographs of the organ at Albany West by Jake Maring
Technical documents 
General documents
Supporting information
Document control Original entries Rev. B Naylor, Gazetteer of South Australian Pipe Organs, 1974, revised by David Shield.
Historical background from Bruce Lindsay 17 April 2009.
Information about relocation from Jake Maring 24 August 2009.
This entry D B Duncan 24 August 2009.
New photographs by Jake Maring 22 May 2011.