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Christ Church, Ormond: the organ following the rebuild by John Larner
[photograph by John Maidment (1978)]

Name of institution Christ Church Anglican Church
Type of institution Church
Street Address  
Country Australia
Name of building  
Name of room Church sanctuary
Dates of the building  
Architect’s and builder’s names
Special architectural features
Special fittings

Other location information

Name of contact The Rector
Mailing Address  
Other contact information
Date of previous organs  
Detail of previous organs  
Dates when key work has been undertaken  
Dates of any moves that have taken place  
Variations from original design of organ
Information on previous organs  
Information about comparable instruments to previous organs  
Present organ
Type of installation  
Case description  
Placement in room  
Builder's name  
Opus number  
Date of completion/installation  
Construction materials  
Number of manuals  
Key compasses  
Number of keys  
Key material  
Pedal compass  
Number of pedals  
Pedalboard type
Pedalboard material
Type of chests
Type of key action  
Type of stop action  
Couplers Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Console type  
Stop label material  
General design
Playing aids  
Wind pressures
Stop list
Open Diapason 8' new metal bass CC-BB
Stopped Diapason 8'    
Dulciana 8'    
Principal 4'    
Flute 4'
Twelfth 2 2/3'    
Fifteenth 2'
Mixture 19.22 II new
Clarabella 8' Walker, from Winthrop Hall
Viola da Gamba 8' gvd.bass  
Gemshorn 4'    
Flageolet 2'    
Sesquialtera 12.17 II TC  
Quint 1 1/3'    
Mixture 22.26 II
Cornopean 8'
Oboe 8' Fincham, with new bass

Bourdon 16' A  
Flute 8' A  
Fifteenth 4' new
Bassoon 16'
Spare slide for reed 4'
Total number of stops  
Total number of ranks  
Total number of pipes  
Dates when key work has been undertaken on current organ Built by George Fincham 1864
This organ was rebuilt and enlarged in 1978 by Perth organbuilder John Larner in association with the church organist Julie Dunlop. A second manual division was added, and the action and console replaced. The original pipework and windchest remained to form the Great Organ and the Fincham casework was retained.

Rebuilt 1983 George Fincham & Sons Pty Ltd 2 manuals, 22 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action
Dates of any moves that have taken place to current organ Opened at the Congregational Church, Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, 1865 1 manual, 9 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action
Installed at Christ Church, Ormond by C.W. Andrewartha c.1939
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Comparable instruments to current organ  
Current status  
Assessment of organ  
Other organs by this builder  
Technical documents  Historical and Technical Documentation by John Maidment
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