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Site Updates 2010
This site is constantly updated.
A record of updates has been instituted from 28 October 2010.
Updated information
31 Dec 2010
23 Dec 2010
17 Dec 2010
14 Dec 2010
08 Dec 2010
07 Dec 2010
01 Dec 2010
30 Nov 2010
29 Nov 2010
26 Nov 2010
22 Nov 2010
11 Nov 2010
08 Nov 2010
03 Nov 2010
02 Nov 2010
28 Oct 2010
28 Oct 2010
New Size Index developed.
Updates to Events pages.
New link added to Links page.
Updates to Events.
Updates to Events and WA Organ pages.
New organ information and updates to WA Organ pages.
Updated information for WA Organs Albany pages.
Updated information for WA Organs page.
Events updates.
In The Pipeline pages added and ne photo for WA Organ page.
Events updated and new information on WA organ pages.
Additional information for WA Organs pages.
Event detail updated, photographs added to WA Organ pages.
New member of Committee added (Bruce Cash).
New event details added.
J E Dodd link added to St Matthews Church, Guildford.
Site updates page added.

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